Cloth Doll Patterns

This is Cassandra. She is a combination of travels to Indonesia, travels to my favorite cloth store, “Mary Joe’s in Gastonia, North Carolina, and a passion for creating moving parts as in making a puppet. So how do you make a pattern? Here are the steps that I recommend:

  • First, look at all of the pictures of dolls that you really really love, and aspire to make, and cut them out or put them on a vision   board or whatever you do to save stuff.
  • Next, ask yourself…..will there be movement, or no movement in this figure or doll.??
  • Then ponder…..and look closely at the dolls that you love.
  • What is it about them that you really really are drawn to?  Is it the expression, or the costume, or the feeling of the doll?
  • This is step ONE…..You must do this before step two.  Creating your own pattern is simple. Would you like to be on my mailing list?

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