Making Cloth Dolls-A Video of Caty Carlin’s Dolls

Hello Cloth Dollmakers!

  • Birthday Girl
Birthday Girl

Ok, so here we go. You’re a dollmaker, or you want to be a cloth dollmaker, or

you collect cloth dolls, or you just stumbled upon this site. This is a great resource

for people who are passionate about cloth dolls. This is not an ordinary cloth doll

resource, because it does not have the “normal” cloth dolls that you would ordinarily

see when searching for cloth dolls.  So stay tuned, eh?

If you come back, I promise, you will:

  • Learn How to make a cloth doll
  • meet other people who love to make cloth dolls
  • learn how to make your own patterns, your own way, with your own vision
  • You’ll learn how to paint cloth
  • You’ll be proud of what you create
  • What more could you want?


The Sacredness of Cloth

For the past two years, I have been studying cloth from the place of its origin and the relationship to culture and healing. I have created many videos that show this relationship to beliefs, and to the place that cloth holds in history for communication. Cloth preceded the writtten word by thousands and thousands of years to “mark off, and Make special places, and events such as birth, marriage, death, and puberty.” Figures made from cloth and wood were equally important in communicating with the mysterious world that we are all a part of. I believe that when we create dolls and figures out of cloth, we become portals for a special kind of communication to occur with the world that we cannot see. Below is a short video that I made of going to Sulewesi, Indonesia and witnessing the effigy figures that the people of Tana Toraja make.  I hope you enjoy it.  (NOT YET UPLOADED)